There was a little questionnaire at the beginning of the tournament (Donner Mem. 1996). Check out Morozevich' one:

* What is your current ELO?

* What is your all time high?
2630 (last year...)

* Best victory?
Lloyds Bank

* Where do you live?

* What is your nationality?

* What is your length?
1.82 m

* Shoe size?

* Favorite color?
The color of victory

* Favorite food:
Food made by a good woman

* Favorite drink:
Maybe Russian vodka, but I don't drink it

* Favorite composer:
I don't know any composer

* Favorite music:
Indian music

* Favorite song:
'F*cking alone' - Iggy Pop

* Who is your favorite writer:
A writer who breaks open my mind

* What is your favorite book:
The book I'm reading now

* In which country can you play chess at best?
Where it's the most popular.

* The best country to live in:
Where you live

* The best holiday country:
Holiday is the time you spend at your parent's house.

* Your best game:
I've never played a good game

* Favorite actor/actress:
I never go to the movies

* Which question did we forget?
What was your score?